The Founders

Adeyemi Oladiran


Adeyemi is a passionate teacher who believes in the upliftment of children and communities through music education. He has dedicated the last 4 years to the growth of Music Enlightenment Project, and the children and teachers involved.


He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up immersed in the popular music of the Yoruba culture, and it greatly influenced his love for music. However, he was only able to study music formally at the age of 18, when church leaders recognised his passion, and encouraged and supported his studies at a music school in Lagos. After a brief period of studying keyboard, music theory and working as an accompanist for chuch choirs, Adeyemi decided to study Music Education at the Lagos State College of Education, from which he obtained his teaching degree in  2002.


The practical and theoretical experience he gained during those years of studying music education and performing, propelled Adeyemi forward on his journey as a musician. In 2006 he relocated to South Africa to continue his studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, and consequently at the University of South Africa. Adeyemi has recently qualified as an Orff Schulwerk teacher through the San Francisco Orff School. As a co-founder of Music Enlightenment Project, Adeyemi has been involved with every aspect of the organisation since 2009. This includes teaching, conducting and management. He has presented workshops and talks at various music events in South Africa, as well as in Nigeria.



Ilke Lea Alexander


Ilke is a co-director, founder and teacher at the Music Enlightenment Project, and is passionately involved in bringing its vision alive: a world where the lives of all children are enriched and transformed through music education. Because of her growing interest in working with children she attended the San Francisco level 1 and 2 and South African level 1 Orff Schulwerk courses, and fully intends on continuing her studies in this and other such approaches to music education. Besides teaching for the Music Enlightenment Project, Ilke teaches flute at various schools around the city of Johannesburg, and is also currently studying towards her honours degree in psychology.



Ilke completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2011, where she specialised in composition and flute performance. As a classically trained flautist Ilke has performed and toured with a number of orchestras including the South African National Youth Orchestra and the Miagi Youth Orchestra.


As a composer and an experimental flautist Ilke has a keen and growing interest in extended techniques on the flute and travelled to New York in December 2010 to have masterclasses with leading avande garde flautist Robert Dick. Diverging even further from her classical path Ilke has played in the experimental chamber music band; “The Prisoners of Strange”, led by renowned South African bassist Carlo Mombelli, an adventure which has seen her slowly discover the world of improvisational music. Ilke received the 2011 ImpACT award, an Arts and Culture Trust award given to young professionals in the categories of visual art, music and theatre. In 2012, she was a recipient of the ABRSM Centenary Grant which allowed her to study music pedagogy, with a focus on jazz, in the UK.


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